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How To Become A Social Media Travel Influencer; 6 Tips


There are many different types of social media influencers and understanding the work behind it how to build an audience for each niche is really important. Whilst some influencer niches can be managed from the comfort of home, travel influencers have a slightly more demanding task.

Becoming a successful travel influencer takes a lot of time, patience and of course, travel. It’s a common mis-conception that the top creators in this niche do it ‘for fun’ or whilst working other jobs. Creating beautiful, authentic content on a daily basis is a full time job in itself. So, here are our tips on how to travel the world, earn enough to get by and start building a following.

1. Get into it for the right reasons.

Passion and authenticity are paramount to becoming a successful travel influencer. You’re more likely to fail if you believe you can take some photos and suddenly be travelling around the world for free. You need to truly love exploring, seeing new cultures and constantly be improving your creative techniques. Unlike other niches, travel is about inspiring others to explore further and this requires a good eye and perhaps some practice using editing software.

Be creative, find your style and do it because you love it. Collaborations will take time to come through.

2. Understand the work it takes

It’s easy to be tricked into thinking that travel influencers lounge around on the beach all day sipping cocktails. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many trips involve constantly going from location to location and never having a moment to stop. Many creators such as @doyoutravel and @gypseelust are up at the break of dawn to make the most of tourist free locations and ambient morning light.

3. Initial investment

Whilst having an expensive camera, drone, action camera and all of the possible accessories that come with them can be helpful, it comes at quite a daunting cost. However, it doesn’t stop you from creating beautiful content. With mid-range cameras and even mobile phones having immense capabilities for their price, many creators start off small and work their way up as they build a following. Alongside this there are many free photo editing apps that will suffice for the early days.

Don’t be afraid to make the first leap to buying a decent camera if you’re ready to start creating.

4. Find your voice

Find your niche. If you take a look at all of the successful travel influencers, you’ll notice that they have a certain style. They’re either outdoorsy, adventurous, glam, etc… They often also have a very particular aesthetic. Their feeds are typically very consistent in terms of colour, style, and vibe.

Many travel influencers actually create their own photoshop presets that they not only apply to all their photos but sell for supplemental income. Selling these alone can actually be enough for you to travel full time if you build enough of an audience.

5. Visit your own city/area

To you, your home town may seem un-exciting or lacklustre. However, with a mixture of some exploration and good photos, your own backyard might provide you with a location worthy of thousands of views on social media. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to travel to the Maldives to get good content, especially whilst you’re figuring your set up out. There are thousands of influencers who create content ONLY in their neighbourhood and it can be a great way to connect with an engaged audience in your area. Flights, accommodation and other expenses not only add up in price but also consume a lot of time which, whilst you’re starting out, you may not have.

Get out there and start shooting!

6. Join an influencer marketing platform

Once you’ve amassed an engaged audience of around 3,000, you can start putting together a media kit and apply to join platforms. Influencer marketing platforms provide you with great opportunities to connect and collaborate with global properties, brands and other travel partners making earning a consistent income that much easier.

At Pinfluencer, we’ve designed our platform specifically for creators of all sizes in the travel niche. It’s completely free to sign up and may well be the stepping stone that takes you from small niche creator to full time travel expert!

Join our sign up list today at for early access.


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